Free Choise Music Angels

42 Rules Of Maat   Our Father    Lord of Change   Experiment?     Ego-Higher Self     Mica       I am Kevin    Girl Side       Meet Ceasarion      Birth of John


I dont hurt other people, Fantasy and Dreams is allowed, Free Will    Illuminati 15 Years Living Out & No Love Appointment, Wasted Changes


Having Love, Sex First Time? I never got changes, they were  always wasted, Girls laughed me off, People showed no mercy, I cared for Our Father, 42 Rules

I walked alone and cried Nights, others had love, sex all the time.. Can angels create me beautiful, thin?   My Child   Tiger   Nobody Hold Me



(Islands)    Let Others Be Theirself (Selfworth)        Unconditional Love, Happy Music, Free Will and Equal Changes



God’s Love / Freedom & Equality Music







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