Living Out & Appointment




Sarah Hadassa     No Love Appointment & Living out, deciding    15 Years         The Story of Us?   



Changes; With music themes they ruined changes for my girlfriend,

and then they gave changes for beautiful girl, not received, then they gave everything to Sarah


















 Dating Sites

I did my best on dating sites, girls acted or rejected me,   🙁 I was kind And Friendly, then I hear sorry I have somebody else, or they dont want to meet me or do IT for chat and earn money for it



My Work of Jesus:





Illuminati Changes?



Wasted Again? Girls never gave me changes, I cried nights thx to Sarah’s appoimtment, my Heart

Do IT 🙁 The Game: you cant, yawned Dirtbag, Please DIE, youre nothing sucker, we dont look at you we give no hughs

I know something very hot, begin with Sweet words, where are you?Keep waiting 🙁 I dont want to cry, It wasnt fun



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