No-Love Appointment

No kisses hughs sex, money children, villas cars, no sweet talk and compliments, Girls never gave me Love and wasted changes, Didnt do It… 

Want to try? Got Nothing, cried nights, I Change side, Angels Do Give me Changes…..



First Time     No-Love Appointment


Wasted for Kevin  V Watch the Videos 🙁 Invisible V

Cute My Child Changes Feel Like  Breathe In. Breathe Out Untouched>>Heart Attack<<  Heart  Shivers 


Sarah and girls wasted all changes with appointment living out cracking off No sweet words no touching let me cry nights

I didnt want girl with game because Sarah ignored me and acted and didnt want to know me, lived out, I run w tears

Make NO love appointment, ruin all changes, live out, Let me walk alone, never touch me, say nothing sweet, laugh me off, Live out



 Dating Sites

I did my best on dating sites, girls acted or rejected me,   🙁 I was kind And Friendly, then I hear sorry I have somebody else, or they dont want to meet me or do IT for chat and earn money for it



My Work of Jesus:








Wasted Again 🙁 Girls never gave me changes, I cried nights thx to Sarah’s appoimtment, my Heart

Girls didnt want to see me or do IT with me

Do IT 🙁 The Game: you cant, yawned Dirtbag, Please DIE, youre nothing sucker, we dont look at you we give no hughs

Ever heard youre beautiful and I love you



Fight me, Carolyn, Acts ‘Soldier‘, nobody saw me



I know something very hot, begin with Sweet words, where are you? Waited until you touch..

Keep waiting 🙁 I dont want to cry,It wasnt fun