I am Kevin, Carolyn, Creator

Girls never gave me changes, wasted changes and No love appointment, Are Girls Fun? everybody did it, I didnt

No Girlfriends, No fans, money, children, villas, got Nothing, Giving my Self Love with Living Out in this sitation is Light, Love, So I Do Deserve to be happy

 244, Clarity
New Identity      Rebirth 405      Beautiful Thin   Smile, Sexy, 321 987 Do the things that you love.   511 Freedom



Karma System and Lessons Learned


Higher Angels are on my room, 403      channeled 66  Love  Give Everything, And it will come back, Karma,

Zero Universal Energies     Karma System  Inner Child    One, Universe      906, Eternity    Everybody is 1  8

 Control, Cant own your love , And the Christ Consciousness

909, This no combination talks to us of energetic, emotional,mental renewal, and New beginnings!!! A sign that our thoughts and feelings are impacted by the current astrological influence!! It is the number that enforces the development of our divine motherly heart. The burning force of unconditional love, within the gazing heart of Mother Mary. Our chance to turn our heart into the sacred home of the divine Threefold Flame!! A completion is achieved, a circle has closed, and our consciousness is from now on altered in awareness.



Love is: Not thinking about money, Possessions, control, not living out on others, Not thinking about self..

Real love is social, helping others believe in theirself, giving others their selfworth back,

Motivate, talk with others, Let them be theirself


I am Good as boy and Girl, I am beautiful, I Live in the moment and Can love More

Real Love

 I Lay My Love on You :

Where is The Love ?    /   Love You More   

Free Will